Founded over 60 years ago and active in more than 120 countries, the Manitou Group employs about 4,000 employees and benefits from a network of 1,400 dealers. Their handling solutions are renowned for their reliability and performance. Manitou offers a wide range of solutions that are tailored to your needs: telehandlers, rotating telehandlers, masted forklift trucks, aerial work platforms. Manitou also offers a variety of attachments such as buckets, clamps, forks and grabs, jibs, platforms, concrete skips and winches.


Manitou equipment

  • Telehandlers
  • Rotating Telehandlers
  • Masted Forklift Trucks
  • Aerial Work Platforms
  • Compact loaders
Manitou Equipment

MLT NewAG Agricultural telehandlers

The Manitou MLT Series multi-purpose telescopic loaders provide versatility from digging to lifting and hauling and unloading; all with exceptional operator comfort. Manitou is dedicated to providing a line of telescopic loaders specially made for rigorous farm applications. The MLT Series deliver what you want in operator comfort, load capacity, visibility and maneuverability. Whether your operation requires compact size, high lifting or superior load capacity, the MLT Series has the right design and attachments for the job.

The MT Series

Construction Telescopic Handler

Lifting up to 9,000 pounds with lift heights up to 57’7” (MT 1840) and exceptional stabilization features, these machines provide extra working capacity without sacrificing the comfort and features expected in the MT Series Premiere Telescopic handlers. Many attachments are available to optimize working time on site and improve productivity.

The M Series

Rough terrain vertical masted forklifts

Renowned for their superior performance in the most extreme conditions, the rough terrain M Series forklifts go where others do not. Combining simplicity and productivity, the new M Series with their two or four wheel-drive trucks are your most trusted allies on the jobsite. The power and maneuverability of the M30, M40, M50 and M70 allow you to do your job quickly and safely.

The MSI/MC Series

Semi-industrial vertical masted forklift

The Manitou Semi-Industrial Forklifts combine the capabilities of an average industrial forklift, with the ability to travel and handle material outdoors.  The MSI/MC machines make clearing obstacles easy with their quick maneuverability and stability in most types of terrain. This hybrid design coupled with a hydrostatic transmission allow the Manitou semi-industrial forklifts to provide pin-point load accuracy and smooth travel on uneven ground, making them capable of performing where other forklifts cannot.

The MI Series

Industrial vertical masted forklift

Perfectly representing Manitou’s involvement in industrial markets, the MI trucks have been designed around user expectations such as simplicity, comfort, reliability and efficiency, all at the lowest operational cost.

The MHT Series

Heavy capacity telescopic handlers

The Manitou MHT Series heavy capacity telescopic handlers area designed to handle the most demanding jobs in the most extreme conditions. These heavy-duty machines have the power and precision necessary for work in the mining, quarrying, large-industrial, infrastructure, recycling and construction industries. With a wide-range of accessories designed to meet the needs of a variety of applications, the MHT Series heavy capacity telescopic handler provides an array of solutions on the jobsite.

The MRT Series

Rotating telehandlers

The MRT rotating telescopic handlers have the ability to operate in three working modes; telehandler with forks, winch, and platform, performing several tasks with one machine. The capability along with a variety of attachments provide more versatility to adapt for multiple applications.



Manitou North America offers a selection of seven articulated jib mobile elevated work platforms. This range includes diesel and electric models. For jobs requiring higher capacity, the Manitou ATJ 46+ is the answer, handling up to 900 lbs (408 kg) unrestricted, with a larger basket. The TJ range provides smooth operation at platform heights from 64’9” to 84’6” (19.74 m to 25.75 m). The TJ 65+ and TJ 80+ comes standard with a large 7’7” long platform designed to comfortably hold three people, allowing up to 900 pounds capacity unrestricted.


Manitou RT and VT Series Track Loaders provide high performance and smooth operation taking pushing power to the next level. This seven model line-up offers a full range of lift capacity from 1,050 lbs (476 kg) to 3,400 lbs (1542 kg) with optional counterweight.


The Vertical-Lift Skid Loaders by Manitou are in popular demand among contractors, landscapers, rental companies and agricultural operations due to their excellent lift heights, extended forward reach and large operating capacities.

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