About us

The history behind OEH

OEH was founded in 1992 by Gaston Lachance and Michel Pouliot, who have past experience in the repair, maintenance as well as of operating heavy-duty equipment. With their knowledge of the mechanical and construction fields, the two entrepreneurs created OEH in order to offer a turnkey service to clients interested in purchasing hydraulic lifting equipment. Over the years, the company experienced substantial growth and now has more than twenty qualified and experienced employees.

Prepare for succession

The years have passed and Mr. Lachance and Pouliot are now at the stage to think about succession in order to secure the future of their company. Therefore, Mr. Mathieu Pouliot-Tourigny and Mr. François Rochon, long standing OEH employees, were recently promoted as partners within the company. Besides their broad knowledge of the company, the two new partners will receive the necessary support to help them throughout the management transition. Despite the changes to come, the owners want to ensure that their clients will continue to receive and benefit from an exceptional customer service, which is one of OEH’s trademarks.

Mission and values

OEH’s mission is to answer its clients’ needs for all requests related to hydraulic lifting equipment. With our repair and maintenance services, we offer support that goes beyond the selling of equipment. With our two service trucks, we are equipped to offer onsite repairs from Monday to Friday.

Improve your work with our personalized design service

For all your specific needs requesting custom equipment parts, OEH offers a personalized design service in order to optimize the performance of your equipment. Let us guide you in the purchase or modification of your truck, whether it is for the design or the fabrication of platforms, extensions or any other parts that can improve your work. The expertise we have developed over the course of many years makes OEH an indispensable partner for all your personalized requests.

Certification and training:  for a guarantee of quality

In order to ensure our clients’ satisfaction, all OEH welding work is completed by certified welders as per the Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB group). In addition, our mechanical technicians receive specific training from Manitou and Palfinger distributors to ensure top quality in the repair and maintenance of equipment.

Professional Associations

OEH is part of professional associations encouraging networking with other types of companies operating in the area of industrial construction: