The company Palfinger is an Austrian manufacturer of hydraulic lifting, loading and handling systems, especially known for the cranes. With 150 models and a market share of 35 per cent, the company is the world market leader. The PALFINGER Group comprises 86 companies in 34 countries, with 35 manufacturing and assembly sites and approx. 5,000 sales and service locations in more than 130 countries on all continents.

PALFINGER is a significant player in the global market for loader cranes, timber and recycling cranes, marine cranes, wind cranes, hooklifts and railway systems and is committed to providing the best service in the industry.  Palfinger produces a number of different types of lifting solutions for specialized and more general applications such as: Truck mounted forklifts, hooklifts, Epsilon timber and recycling cranes, loader cranes.

  • Loader Cranes (PC models)
  • Loader Cranes (PK models)
  • Loader Cranes (PW models)
  • Truck Mounted Forklifts
  • Hooklifts
  • EPSILON Timber Cranes
  • EPSILON Recycling Cranes


Material Handling Cranes

The hydraulic knuckle boom crane is PALFINGER’s core product. Loading cranes help to load and unload trucks and other vehicles. PALFINGER offers some of the lightest-weight and robust knuckle boom cranes in the industry.  With a broad range of models that cover the entire range of working capacities, you can count on the right knuckle boom crane to match your needs. PALFINGER cranes are fast, efficient, precise and equipped with market leading safety systems, so you can expect high performance in a variety of jobs. Great performance starts with a great foundation; most of our knuckle boom cranes are equipped with Radio Remote Control, KTL Protection, superior hydraulics and other features that are unique to PALFINGER.

PC model

PK model

Palfinger Model_PW


Material Handling Cranes

Offering the best overall total cost of ownership, PALFINGER provides the most durable and service friendly “drywall-style” cranes on the market. Their tare weight is unrivaled in the industry, offering increases in your daily payloads so you can transport more in each delivery. Additionally, these cranes are equipped with hydraulic forks that make it easy to engage, lift and position your building materials. Have confidence in your fleet knowing that PALFINGER, with our vast dealer and service network, will keep you working profitably.

FHS 55 STD / P / 4W / 4WP

Truck Mounted Forklifts

Mounted on the rear of a carrier vehicle, the PALFINGER truck-mounted forklift will accompany you right to your place of use, opening up unprecedented possibilities in terms of transportation. A truck-mounted forklift means complete independence for our customers as additional unloading devices are not required. PALFINGER truck-mounted forklifts offer safety and longevity as well as a high level of operator comfort and optimum maneuverability.

Palfinger Model_Hooklift


The key word is “simple”. First, the operator backs the truck toward the container. With the in-cab controls, the operator switches on the power take-off, lowers the hydraulic arm and engages the container with the hook. He then activates the two main cylinders that pull the container onto the chassis and locks it into position. The operator then turns off the power take-off and drives away.

Palfinger Model Epsilon


Forestry and Recycling Cranes (scrap)

PALFINGER provides diverse solutions to grow your business in timber, refuse, scrap, rail and off-road applications with our full line of EPSILON Loaders.

With three different boom styles: A-Line, L-Line and Z-Line, and a diverse range of configurations, we’re sure to meet your needs with the right loader for the job.  From ease of use and comfort on the job, to maximized speed and productivity, EPSILON Loaders will be a strong partner.

EPSCOPE, EPSLINK and KTL are core features for a solid, long lasting machine and they’re standard on all of our boom systems.  By investing in PALFINGER you are selecting well-established machines, a trusted global brand and a reliable partner.

Les solutions professionnelles ESCOPE, EPSLINK et KTL, qui permettent de faire passer la totalité des circuits à l’intérieur de la structure, sont systématiquement intégrés dans la technologie des grues afin de garantir robustesse et durabilité de l’équipement. En investissant en Palfinger, vous faites le choix d’acquérir de l’équipement de renommée mondiale et de jouir d’un partenaire fiable.


When it comes to providing superior and efficient service and care for your customers, durable work trucks are essential tools for any fleet in construction, roadway, railway, agriculture, oil & gas, mining, utilities and municipalities. Our service trucks, equipped with PALFINGER Service Cranes, compressors and many available options and accessories, along with our committed, nationwide distribution network, make a reliable partner to get the job done right.

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